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Let’s talk social media advertising! After numerous social media page questions from other company owners and customers, I decided to share the basics of our approach to social media marketing. Please note, this post is a review of what has worked for Fence Boss and not a how-to guide promising huge results. Rather, it is a peek into how we launched a business by establishing a brand on social media, initially, and more specifically, on Facebook.

With a specific target market, consistent interaction and a creative marketing strategy, we sold more than $60,000 of fence and gate products in our first 90 days of advertising Fence Boss on social media! Friends, I only marketed Facebook during the initial 90 day period. Fence Boss had not even tapped into Instagram, YouTube, or SEO research (which is whole beast in itself). Below are the main strategies we followed to build Fence Boss on Facebook.

Fence Boss Marketing Strategy- Reaching Sales Goals


I designed and created our Fence Boss Facebook page. I was loud! I clicked that invite button! I wanted EVERYONE to know Fence Boss had arrived and I was focused on keeping our products, our “Better. Best. BOSS.” message, and Fence Boss values front and center of our page.

Side Note *When choosing a profile picture, I decided to use a photo of myself in our showroom with product displayed in the background, rather than a product or brand photo. Research shows people who have a face as their profile picture, actually receive more interaction and feedback from their followers.


I launched multiple giveaways! Whenever I launch a giveaway, I use it as opportunity to really communicate with my followers (or Fence Boss Friends). I GO LIVE a minimum of two occasions per giveaway, and save my live videos for watchers to view later. I ALWAYS announce giveaway winners live. I usually launch giveaways with a video (made with IMovie). My three rules to enter always include:

  1. Comment below tagging two friends and saying you’re favorite… (animal, childhood memory, Starbucks drink, etc. )
  2. Share & React to this video!
  3. Like our Fence Boss Facebook page!
Click to watch the Fence Boss 2020 Valentine Giveaway Video! *This giveaway is a closed contest.


I posted everyday!! Multiple times a day!! (gasp) Yes, I am that person. Double posting is okay. I’m going to let you in on a little secret… boost, boost, boost, posts! Pick your favorite posts and pay to have them show up on peoples’ feeds. You can reach hundreds to thousands of people with a relatively small budget! When I say small budget, I will boost for as little as $20. Every time I boost a product post, Fence Boss gains followers, usually between 100-200. If I boost a giveaway post I expect to gain between 200-600 followers.

I created a target market! Before boosting a post, I decided who I wanted to target. Important factors when choosing a target include age, location, etc. A target market uses demographics to help Facebook decide who to show your boosted posts to.


I was consistent with my strategy! I posted everyday two to three times day. If I said I was going to Go Live at lunchtime, I went live at lunchtime. I asked for feedback and opinion of followers by conducting polls. Asking questions like “Which Product Color Do You Like Better?”, “What Time Are You Most Likely To Watch A Live Video?”, “Would You Rather Watch A Live Video Or A Story Video?”. I encouraged interaction from followers by commenting back and taking true interest in their thoughts!

Fencemas Gifts

One of my favorite ways to show consistency is by creating an event, game, drawing, etc. specific to your brand, which could occur once a week, month, or even once a year. For example, Fence Boss hosts Fencemas annually! Fencemas is a week long tradition, occurring during early December, centered around unwrapping presents on Live Video and then giving away the gift to followers.

I could go on and on about creating your brand on social media, and I will! But for now, Tim Ferris said it best.

“Let’s focus on being productive, instead of being busy. ”

Tim Ferris

-Hannah, Fence Boss LLC

Published by Fence Boss, LLC

Fence Boss, LLC is a woman owned fence company based in Columbus, Indiana. Fence Boss provides privacy, security, and containment for residential and commercial projects. We value our employees and thrive on a respectful company culture. We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in order to make every project a "Better. Best. BOSS." experience. Our view on the importance of social media interaction allows us to connect with our Fence Boss friends daily! Search Fence Boss Columbus on Facebook and Instagram.

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