Residential Products Price Guide

One of the most common questions posed by homeowners and contractors is “How much does it cost?” A fence is a long term investment so it is a smart question to consider at the very beginning of project planning. We understand the importance of finding a product capable of meeting your project budget goals, containment needs and aesthetic design preferences.

Below is a numbered list of of the main types of residential fence products commonly selected by homeowners: Chain Link, wood, ornamental (a fancy word for steel or aluminum) and vinyl privacy. The products are numbered from the most economical at the top (chain link) and the list continues with each system type increasing as the list closes (vinyl privacy).

1. Chain Link

Chain link fence products offer an economical solution when containment is needed for pets and children. Many HOA’s will permit black polymer coated chain link. Chain link fence systems are available in galvanized finish (silver), black polymer coated, green polymer coated, or brown polymer coated. Polymer coating is commonly referred to as “vinyl chain link fence”. All chain link products are backed by a solid 15 year manufacturer warranty on the polymer coating. When containment and budget are the top two priorities and there are no HOA restrictions, chain link is a system to consider first.

2. Wood

Fence Boss wood systems offer semi or full privacy and are a popular choice among residential consumers. The options are limitless because we install custom designs, almost as often as we install standard shadow box and privacy designs. Pickets are available in treated and cedar and are a full 6″ wide. We do not purchase chain store lumber, we opt for a higher quality. All posts and runner boards are treated and cedar is available by request.

Although the price of lumber has increased over the last 2 years, a standard lumber privacy system is still number 2 on the budget tier. Every wood gate is fitted with a steel weld frame to aid against future sagging, frames are painted black to match gate hardware. All gate hinge posts are 4×6 or 6×6 and set 3′ deep. The increased gate post size will also aid against future gate sag.

3. Aluminum Ornamental

The demand for ornamental fence has increased exponentially with the rise of HOA’s. If you live in an area with a homeowners’ association our products will meet their requirements. Ornamental fence systems are available in aluminum and steel with aluminum meeting customer needs 99.9% of the time.

Aluminum systems offer more color and texture finish options. Fence Boss preferred product manufacturers offer a variety of colors, textures and styles. Designing the perfect ornamental system is what we are great at so be sure to ask how our systems can compliment the accents or other features of your home or business. Price does not change according to color or texture so be sure and ask the estimator to bring samples for you to consider.

Technology has changed significantly over the last 10 years and aluminum and steel products are now accompanied by a solid manufacturer warranty, most warranties are transferable one time in the event you sell your home. Aluminum ornamental fence is a great way to “land in the middle” where pricing is concerned if privacy is not a goal. Number 3 is the perfect spot for aluminum ornamental fence!

4. Vinyl Systems & Steel Ornamental

Steel ornamental and vinyl fence system products land in the number 4 spot on the list in regards to cost. However, considering the pros and cons of steel and vinyl can quickly mitigate some of the initial cost concerns. Privacy and security are more important than ever in a world where there is little privacy and security for pets and children. Both privacy and security are really important in growing housing communities and neighborhoods. We only offer vinyl and steel products that are accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty.

After nine years in the industry, Fence Boss Owner, Jami, has provided a list of items to consider before purchasing a vinyl or steel fence system.

  • Is your product warranty a company warranty or a manufacturer warranty? Because Fence Boss can offer a warranty all day long but if the company every ceases to exist, you have nothing. If there is a manufacturer warranty, are you provided a warranty packet with all relevant documentation after the install? Will the fence company process the warranty claim for you or do you have to call a 1-800 number? Does the company installing your fence offer a workmanship guarantee? Service on all levels should matter.
  • Does the manufacturer or company installing the fence require customers to ship fence to a plant for warranty inspections or do they send a representative to the site? READ THE FINE PRINT. All fine print can get scary long and it is all mostly general stuff we are used to seeing. But if you read carefully you might find a clause like the one mentioned.
  • Are installers trained according to manufacturer specifications or are they a general subcontractor or handyman type service? Because deviating from specifications will void a manufacturer warranty entirely. Chain store vinyl fence is a good example of why you should ask about training. They often use general subs or others who do not specialize in vinyl and steel fence installation.
  • If my fence is vinyl is the gloss super shiny? Think of what that means for looking at it in bright sunlight? We have seen some of them so shiny you can view reflections of surrounding objects on super sunny days. Avoid them. Bufftech smooth finish fence systems offer the perfect balance between UV protection and obnoxious shine.
  • If my gates are vinyl are all gate hinge posts reinforced with a metal post insert? Is the latch post reinforced, or is it offered as an option? Are the gate frames reinforced with metal framework inside to aid against gate sag and to make them capable of withstanding thousands of openings and closings? Is the gate hardware self closing, lockable and keyable? All of those features are part of a standard Fence Boss system manufactured by Bufftech.
  • If my fence is steel, is the warranty for a brief 15 yrs or LESS? Avoid it if it is. Ameristar Montage steel fence products offer a limited lifetime warranty and for the same kind of pricing on systems with a superior warranty. Make sure installers will seal any cut ends after installation so rust cannot start and so your warranty will not be voided for improper installation.
  • When considering the cost increase for vinyl privacy or steel consider pros and cons such as cost, maintenance, warranty transfer-ability and the longevity and durability of a fence system and the company manufacturing the product. Not everyone is keen on spending hours outdoors power washing both sides of a fence and preparing it for water sealing.

So, while vinyl and steel fence may land at the top of the list when considering price the pros can easily out weigh the cons and the return on the investment is smart to consider.

It is important to remember, every project is different. The number of gates and different terrain types can change overall pricing, even when dealing with the same amount of linear footage. This guideline is based off of materials costs and does not include projects that may include special circumstances, such as custom fabrications and core drilling. We do not price fence by the foot, we price by the project. Pricing by the project is more time consuming but it allows Fence Boss to be more competitive.

Reach out to Fence Boss with questions or inquires about your potential residential or commercial security and containment project.

Published by Fence Boss, LLC

Fence Boss, LLC is a woman owned fence company based in Columbus, Indiana. Fence Boss provides privacy, security, and containment for residential and commercial projects. We value our employees and thrive on a respectful company culture. We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in order to make every project a "Better. Best. BOSS." experience. Our view on the importance of social media interaction allows us to connect with our Fence Boss friends daily! Search Fence Boss Columbus on Facebook and Instagram.

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