How To: Choose a Better. Best. BOSS. Fence System

A new fence system is an important investment for your property. Every investment should have a return. Choosing the best product, the right location and the best company to install the fence are three important considerations early on in the planning process. Defining the function, or purpose, of the fence system is a great place to start! Visit for ideas.  

Define the Need- Why do I want or need a fence?

Homeowners often invest in a new fence system for the purpose of keeping children and pets safe, we call that containment. Other times, a pool or other structure could pose a liability for a homeowner and a fence is needed to decrease the liability. We call that security. Whether fence is needed for containment or security privacy is often the first consideration. Privacy fence is security and containment combined and makes for a great investment at any property.  Decide which fence system is best for your property based on what you need the system to provide.

The most common types of residential fence systems are chain link, wood privacy or wood picket, steel or aluminum ornamental, and vinyl privacy and picket. Each product is available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. It is important to consider HOA guidelines when choosing a fence type. Fence Boss products meet HOA guidelines.

Choosing a Product- What fence system will work for me and my planned budget?

(Listed from the most to least economical)

Chain link is the most economical option when containment is the number one purpose. Most HOA’s only allow black polymer coated systems, so be sure to understand your requirements.

Wood systems meet security, containment, and privacy needs. Fence Boss wood systems are stick-built and available with treated or cedar pickets. Wood fence styles include, but are not limited to, standard privacy, board-on-board, shadow box, or they are built by design when you provide an image of the system you want.  Wood is always a solid choice when privacy matters as much as budget.  

Ornamental fence is available in steel or aluminum. Steel should be considered when large dogs or extra security is needed. Aluminum works for most residential applications and is the most common system required when an HOA is involved. Aluminum is offered in a diverse array of styles, colors, and textured finishes.

Vinyl fence is a perfect choice when low maintenance and privacy are the top priorities.  Vinyl technology has come a long way and vinyl fence is available in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, the choices are endless.

Location- Where should I put my fence?

Fence Boss does not determine where property lines are but we can offer resources to assist. Below are some tips and resources for evaluating where your property lines are situated.

  • The Local GIS is a great resource for digital viewing and measuring of property lines. You can do a Google search or use this link information:
  • Google Maps allows property owners to view and measure property virtually, we have found that using both of the resources combined is the best way.
  • A metal detector can be used to locate the steel markers often buried at the lot corners. Not all properties will have the steel lot corner markers.
  • When in doubt, contact a local surveyor.

After a product selection has been made and the location has been determined choosing the right company to install your fence is the final choice.

Fence Boss always strives to create a Better. Best. BOSS. experience for every customer.

Who- Fence Boss.

Fence Boss works hard to deliver exceptional installations. The Better.Best.BOSS. principles matter from start to finish. 

BETTER- Fence Boss strives to provide better service and to communicate clearly with customers. Detailed quotes and manufacturer warranty information are always provided.

BEST- All Fence Boss products are accompanied by solid manufacturer warranties that are transferable one time. Local company warranties are great, but if they are not partnered with a manufacturer warranty they only last as long as the local company is in business. Insist on a product with a manufacturer warranty.

BOSS- Fence Boss does not sub out work, ever. Our employees are trained according to the manufacturer specifications for each product type so that we can guarantee your manufacturer warranty will not get voided due to improper installation. Employees take pride in their work and want every customer to be happy with their new fence system.

Visit to contact us for a free quote!

Published by Fence Boss, LLC

Fence Boss, LLC is a woman owned fence company based in Columbus, Indiana. Fence Boss provides privacy, security, and containment for residential and commercial projects. We value our employees and thrive on a respectful company culture. We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in order to make every project a "Better. Best. BOSS." experience. Our view on the importance of social media interaction allows us to connect with our Fence Boss friends daily! Search Fence Boss Columbus on Facebook and Instagram.

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