Out with the Old; In with the New!

At Fence Boss we have Better. Best. BOSS employees! Our crew is not afraid to get down and dirty during fence removals and installs. We often have to prepare for a new installation by removing and hauling away existing fence systems.

Once the fence system is removed the new fence run is clearly marked and the crew pays special attention to the location of all underground utilities. For most installs Fence Boss uses a mini-skid steer to dig fence post holes because there is some truth to working smarter and not harder! Each Fence Boss post is set 2′-3′ deep and secured with concrete. Some companies dig small diameter holes and use shorter posts to avoid the labor involved in digging deeper. We don’t cheat specs. The stability of a fence system starts with a solid post set.

After post holes are dug to the appropriate depth, determined by material type and manufacturer specifications, it is time to set posts! Depending on the ground conditions the concrete needs to cure around fence posts for 24-48 hours. Appropriate hole depth, correct hole diameter, and the right amount of time for concrete to cure ensures fence posts will not shift during framing process or heave later on.

For wood and vinyl fence systems framing and installation of the fence pickets can often be completed within the same work day. During a wood fence installation the pickets are commonly installed two inches above the ground and follow the terrain. We stick build every wood and vinyl system because stick built systems out perform pre-assembled panel type systems and they look gorgeous in comparison.

Every Fence Boss project is a team effort! Fence Boss employees are trained to follow manufacturer and industry specs to ensure the BEST products are followed by BOSS installs. On site at each project the crew respectfully checks each others work to insure our service is BETTER and we are always evaluating our finished systems to keep our focus on improving installation and training processes. We finish every project with a BOSS overview and cleanup of the project area.

Our focus will always be BETTER.BEST.BOSS so that we can get it right every time and doing everything possible to make corrections when we fall short.

Fence Boss is scheduling spring and summer 2021 fence projects! Contact us for a free quote. https://www.fencebossllc.com/contact-us/

Photo Credits- Warrie Dennis Media Services, LLC

Published by Fence Boss, LLC

Fence Boss, LLC is a woman owned fence company based in Columbus, Indiana. Fence Boss provides privacy, security, and containment for residential and commercial projects. We value our employees and thrive on a respectful company culture. We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in order to make every project a "Better. Best. BOSS." experience. Our view on the importance of social media interaction allows us to connect with our Fence Boss friends daily! Search Fence Boss Columbus on Facebook and Instagram.

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