Tips for Saving!

Let’s talk cost! We think most would agree, discussing budget is the least exciting aspect of any new home project. We want to share a few best kept tips for saving on your fence system!

Tip #1 Ask the Neighbors!

The simplest way to reduce cost is to eliminate footage. Often times neighbors will plan a new fence project at the same time, so they can share fence rows. If your neighbor already has a fence, ask to connect your new fence to their existing fence; eliminating the need for a side or back row of fence! Check out how these Fence Boss neighbors designed their yard spaces to share vinyl fence runs.

Tip #2 Reduce Gates!

Most homeowners don’t realize the cost of adding an additional gate. When reducing cost is necessary, we recommend cutting back on gates. Most homeowners with standard sized residential yards are happy with one to two gates!

Tip #3 Choose Products Wisely!

Most industries have faced continuous fluctuating prices on raw materials. Ask the fence company you are working with if they can recommend a fence product that is on a downfall in cost, rather than an uptick. Our Fence Boss estimators can help you navigate, which residential fence product is best for your needs!

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Published by Fence Boss, LLC

Fence Boss, LLC is a woman owned fence company based in Columbus, Indiana. Fence Boss provides privacy, security, and containment for residential and commercial projects. We value our employees and thrive on a respectful company culture. We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in order to make every project a "Better. Best. BOSS." experience. Our view on the importance of social media interaction allows us to connect with our Fence Boss friends daily! Search Fence Boss Columbus on Facebook and Instagram.

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