Fencetastic Halloween Costumes

On the fence about your Halloween costume? Check out these BOSS ideas!

No need to get de-fence-ive! This punny costume is great for a party of two!

If you need to keep a little one contained, you might need to choose Jurassic Park themed costumes for your little dino!

Trying to dig up a costume with items around the house? How about a fence installer!

Oops almost didn’t see you there. *wink* Might as well dress up your furry reason for purchasing a fence!

Hope you enjoyed this fun gallery! We love the holidays and are excited to participate in upcoming seasonal events like the Toys For Tots fundraiser and Fencemas. Stay tuned Fence Boss friends. It’s going to be a great season!


Let’s Talk Questions.

We have composed a list of common questions we are asked pertaining to fence and gate projects! Check it out!

Do I need a permit for my new fence?

If your residential fence is to be installed in Bartholomew county you do not need a permit! Most counties do not require a permit for fence structures. However, you can confirm your specific county’s permit requirements with your Fence Boss estimator.

Do I need to have my utilities marked?

As a company, Fence Boss is required to hold an active locate before digging on your property. We will call Indiana 811 and have your public utilities marked before your install. Public utilities commonly include cable, water, electric and gas. Homeowners or contractors are required to have privately ran lines marked. Homeowners should also have sprinkler heads clearly marked.

What is the warranty on my fence product?

All Fence Boss fences have some type of warranty. Warranty is the BEST in our Better. Best. BOSS. motto. We aim to choose products with the best warranties in the fence industry. In fact, our vinyl manufacturer, CertainTeed, covers materials and labor if a warranty claim is needed within the first five years. Fence Boss installers are trained to install fence products by manufacturer specifications, so we do not void warranties with improper installation.

Will my fence be set in concrete?

No matter the type of fence selected, every post is set in concrete for maximum stability.

What are my options for gate hardware?

Fence Boss partners with manufacturers who supply the worlds most trusted locks, latches, and hinges. There are options for key-able, lockable, and self-closing hardware!

If you have more questions about your Fence Boss install or a future fence project reach out to Fence Boss by phone, message or stop by our physical location!

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Tips for Saving!

Let’s talk cost! We think most would agree, discussing budget is the least exciting aspect of any new home project. We want to share a few best kept tips for saving on your fence system!

Tip #1 Ask the Neighbors!

The simplest way to reduce cost is to eliminate footage. Often times neighbors will plan a new fence project at the same time, so they can share fence rows. If your neighbor already has a fence, ask to connect your new fence to their existing fence; eliminating the need for a side or back row of fence! Check out how these Fence Boss neighbors designed their yard spaces to share vinyl fence runs.

Tip #2 Reduce Gates!

Most homeowners don’t realize the cost of adding an additional gate. When reducing cost is necessary, we recommend cutting back on gates. Most homeowners with standard sized residential yards are happy with one to two gates!

Tip #3 Choose Products Wisely!

Most industries have faced continuous fluctuating prices on raw materials. Ask the fence company you are working with if they can recommend a fence product that is on a downfall in cost, rather than an uptick. Our Fence Boss estimators can help you navigate, which residential fence product is best for your needs!

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DIY – Scrap Wood Fence Fun!

With a new fence purchase often comes an old fence removal. Most of our Fence Boss customers will have us remove their old fence and haul away the debris. However, if you aspire to be a DIY-er then you might want to keep some of your old fence materials and make magic! Specifically, up-cycling wood fence material can make for some fun projects and classic decor items. Check out these ideas!

Next time you replace an old fence, ask Fence Boss to leave you the necessary materials to spice up for your home with some DIY projects!

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Fence & Railing Decorations Through the Seasons

Living in the Midwest provides the luxury of enjoying every passing season! Snowy winters, rainy springs, hot summers and crisp autumns are celebrated by dwellers of the region. A true mid-westerner knows outdoor decorations should match the internal excitement felt for each passing season. Check out how you can spruce up your fence or railing system with seasonal decorations!


Nothing makes you want to cozy up with a cup of cocoa and binge watch Hallmark movies like garland, lights and holiday wreaths!


Spring is the season for growth! Take advantage of the opportunity to decorate with fresh florals.


Feed nature with handmade (or store bought) bird houses this summer. Get cozy at a summer bonfire and enjoy the essence of outdoor hanging lights. Use plant boxes to add some pizazz to ornamental railing. There are truly so many summer decor options for fence and railing!


Simplistic, cozy decor is what autumn is about! Mums, pumpkins, blankets and pillows are a fall lovers decor dream!

Learn more about fence, gate and railing options or request a free quote at http://www.fencebossllc.com !