Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Better. Best. BOSS. Fence Company

Before choosing a fence company for your next security and containment project here are some considerations.

1 Insurance and Regulations

A reliable fence company should be able to provide the customer with a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) if requested. The COI should minimally include Workers Compensation, General Liability, and Business Auto insurance policies. These insurance policies prevent the homeowner from liability if a safety incident occurs on the job site. Small contractors who can “undercut” competitor pricing often do not carry insurance policies to protect their consumers.

2 Product and Workmanship Warranties

Like other construction companies offering materials and labor services, fence companies work with and maintain relationships with suppliers to offer consumers the best products. The best fence products should be matched by the best warranties in the fence industry. It is expected for well-made vinyl and ornamental products to have limited lifetime warranties. Chain link products may have warranties on the coating up to 15 years. Wood products are generally not warranted as they are organic and may weather. However, wood fence systems are standardly covered by a workmanship warranty. Any fence company worth choosing will be knowledgeable and forthright about the products and warranties they offer.

3 Install Specs

An uncommonly known fact about the fence industry is, fence products are made to be built by certain specifications. An uneducated fence company could unintentionally void a consumers brand new fence warranty by not installing the fence to proper specifications. If a fence company maintains a relationship with the suppliers of their fence product, the suppliers will often provide training sessions for fence installers. In these training sessions, fence installers learn how to install and become certified in installing fence products to specification.

4 Reviews

A fence company with experience should have a plethora of reviews for the customer to read on google. A great company often has a positive name and involvement in their community. Your neighbor’s may be able to tell you who installed their fence! Ask them about their experience.

Good Fence Makes Good Sense

Choosing the right fence for your outdoor space will add more than ROI value to your property.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as homeowners spent more time outdoors, the demand for residential fence systems increased. Particularly, the demand for privacy fence increased as property owners recognized the need to keep children and pets safe while working remotely. Fences have become an important feature of many outdoor living space designs, a new modern living trend expected to continue for the years to come, as hardscape options continue to grow.

Classic fence systems in aluminum and steel are timeless staples and appreciation for a gorgeous wood fence never wanes. Although classic fence styles change slightly over time, the frequent request for wrought iron fences highlights how consumers have common interests in fence products. Today’s wrought iron fence combines the reliability of a classic fence system made of aluminum or steel with an ornamental flair and is available in a variety of heights, colors and finishes to meet every design and functional need.

Manufacturers and contractors consider the latest home design trends and collaborate to offer products that will meet practical needs and compliment design trends. Notably, vinyl fence has grown in popularity since its introduction to
the market in the late 1970s and PVC technology has improved and “yellow”, or otherwise discolored, vinyl fence is a problem of the past in most cases. The technological advances are significant enough that property owners can enjoy
peace of mind with their vinyl fence purchase.

Most warranties are limited lifetime, and some manufacturers offer labor and materials costs reimbursement for a reasonable time frame after your initial purchase. Consumers can choose from an array of colors, textures and designs. Additionally, there are PVC systems that offer sound barrier and impact resistance elements. Custom caps, lighting and key lock hardware are added features when design is as important as function.

In the market for a new fence? Here are a few tips and considerations:

  • 2021 fence trends include horizontal privacy fence designs, outdoor lighting on fencing, laser cut metal fencing, mixed materials fence systems, ex: wood and metal laser cut panels, vinyl and laser cut panels, aluminum framework with PVC infill, and any fence system that is low maintenance. CertainTeed, a leading vinyl fence manufacturer produces a textured “CertaGrain” PVC fence and offers molded panel systems with a realistic rock or wood appearance.
  • A fence company with trained employees will ensure your fence is installed according to manufacturer specifications, an important consideration for purposes. Avoid companies who sub out installations to contractors. They may not be experienced with the product you purchased.
  • Make sure the fence company representative is knowledgeable regarding fence zoning codes and requirements. Finding out about code violations after an install is no good for anyone.
  • Make sure to purchase products with a manufacturer warranty and a workmanship guarantee.
  • Request quotes for several types of fence so that you can evaluate the good, better, and best products for your space.
  • Plan your system based on needs first and then design. Privacy vs semi-privacy, wood vs vinyl and steel vs aluminum are all important design and function factors to consider. Most companies will have staff knowledgeable enough to guide you as you evaluate your fence options.
  • Determine your maintenance willingness early in quote process. Ornamental and vinyl are maintenance free but wood and galvanized chain link will require some annual maintenance.

Rest assured, the design options are limitless and the range of colors and finishes is wider than ever. Today’s product market makes purchasing a fence an exciting and satisfying experience and property owners will enjoy the benefits of a quality fence in more ways than one.

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Author- Jami Graham, Fence Boss Owner

Best of Bufftech; Fence Boss Favorite CertainTeed Vinyl Fence Systems

For the classic home owner: New Lexington or Chesterfield Vinyl

Chesterfield White Vinyl Privacy (6′)

Product Highlights

  • Customizable Full Privacy (available in a range of heights and colors)
  • Color Last Fade Protection- Backed by the best vinyl warranty in the fence industry, no yellowing, cracking, or peeling. (limited lifetime and transferable warranty)
  • Wind Zone Performance- All Bufftech windzone products are tested to withstand high wind and hurricane conditions

For the contemporary home owner: Brookline CertaGrain Vinyl

Product Highlights

  • Available in an array of unique color blends, all enriched with a deep wood grain texture, always backed by Bufftech’s top notch industry fence warranty.
  • Horizontal pickets designed to maintain consumer privacy, stability, and add a modern flair to any residential or commercial space.
  • Low maintenance- spray clean with water and gentle dish detergent, does not collect mold or mildew.

For the home owner with a taste for a classic wood aesthetic: Sherwood Molded Vinyl Privacy

Sherwood Molded Vinyl Privacy (6′)

Product Highlights

  • Sherwood Molded vinyl fence is a heavy-duty molded panel system, which makes the product a great option for large/flat yard areas. The fence system can be stepped to navigate sloped terrains
  • Sherwood offers a stunning aesthetic when the look of traditional wood-picket style privacy fence is desired, without the maintenance required by standard wood privacy systems.

For the innovative and modernistic home owner: Semi-Private Breezewood Vinyl

Product Highlights

  • When “just enough” privacy is in order, Breezewood horizontal picket privacy fence is a choice guaranteed to compliment any patio or outdoor oasis.
  • Breezewood Select Cedar Texture is a semi-private horizontal picket fence available in traditional and blended colors and a smooth or wood textured finish.
  • Imperial Select Cedar Texture and Imperial Select Smooth offer the same advantages as Breezewood semi-private fence with vertical pickets instead of horizontal. Both products are available in 4′, 5′, or 6′ tall.

The Bufftech Advantage…

bufftech fence columbus indiana

Bufftech vinyl privacy fence offers homeowners the perfect solution for their privacy and containment needs. Backed by an impressive warranty that includes a SureStart Guarantee means labor and materials costs are covered for the first five years. CertainTeed’s Bufftech product line offers fence that will complement any residential or commercial property. You could never go wrong choosing a Bufftech product as an investment into your home or business.

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Out with the Old; In with the New!

At Fence Boss we have Better. Best. BOSS employees! Our crew is not afraid to get down and dirty during fence removals and installs. We often have to prepare for a new installation by removing and hauling away existing fence systems.

Once the fence system is removed the new fence run is clearly marked and the crew pays special attention to the location of all underground utilities. For most installs Fence Boss uses a mini-skid steer to dig fence post holes because there is some truth to working smarter and not harder! Each Fence Boss post is set 2′-3′ deep and secured with concrete. Some companies dig small diameter holes and use shorter posts to avoid the labor involved in digging deeper. We don’t cheat specs. The stability of a fence system starts with a solid post set.

After post holes are dug to the appropriate depth, determined by material type and manufacturer specifications, it is time to set posts! Depending on the ground conditions the concrete needs to cure around fence posts for 24-48 hours. Appropriate hole depth, correct hole diameter, and the right amount of time for concrete to cure ensures fence posts will not shift during framing process or heave later on.

For wood and vinyl fence systems framing and installation of the fence pickets can often be completed within the same work day. During a wood fence installation the pickets are commonly installed two inches above the ground and follow the terrain. We stick build every wood and vinyl system because stick built systems out perform pre-assembled panel type systems and they look gorgeous in comparison.

Every Fence Boss project is a team effort! Fence Boss employees are trained to follow manufacturer and industry specs to ensure the BEST products are followed by BOSS installs. On site at each project the crew respectfully checks each others work to insure our service is BETTER and we are always evaluating our finished systems to keep our focus on improving installation and training processes. We finish every project with a BOSS overview and cleanup of the project area.

Our focus will always be BETTER.BEST.BOSS so that we can get it right every time and doing everything possible to make corrections when we fall short.

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Photo Credits- Warrie Dennis Media Services, LLC

Fence Industry Facing Effects of Covid-19

Covid-19 left its footprint on 2020 and Fence Boss is eager to step into the new year. Updating Fence Boss customers on the current state of the fence industry is of upmost importance to us. The effects of Covid-19 on the fence industry were substantial and will last into the 2021 season.

When the first Covid-19 shutdown occurred in early 2020 most product shipments stopped because manufacturing plants shut down. Raw materials shortages occurred quickly as breaks in the supply chain started happening and consumers cooped up at home set out to tackle home improvement projects. Lumber, aluminum, vinyl and wood inventories were wiped out in the frenzy to make good use of time spent at home. During the shutdown companies like Fence Boss were still ordering and selling, so when manufacturing plants reopened they had masses of product orders, little inventory and a lot of restrictions regarding workers and production. Combined with raw materials shortages it was too much for the plants to keep up with and fence customers were faced with lead times of up to 12 weeks for some vinyl and products and 5-6 weeks for aluminum. Lumber prices increased 200% in just a few short months, lumber mills were wiped out. Vinyl prices increased as the demand went up for vinyl fence because for the first time ever the gap between the cost of a wood system and vinyl system had closed substantially.

Like other companies forced to pivot in a difficult circumstance, Fence Boss enacted policies to decrease the negative impact on the company to make sure all employees kept their jobs at the same time we aimed to continue providing the best service possible. Scheduling was nothing short of a train wreck because shipments were 100% unpredictable. Many times we were promised the same shipments for countless weeks in a row and we were continually disappointed, along with our customers, when the shipments did not arrive as promised. Freight companies were overwhelmed. We scheduled in increments of 2-3 days at most, working with whatever product would arrive on the lot. We cut out almost all overtime (to the dismay of employees) to conserve cash flow and decreased spending wherever possible. It was a tough year for manufacturers and suppliers and the rate of mistakes on orders increased as overworked manufacturing and supply house employees did their best to provide service in a difficult market. When mistakes on orders were made, companies like Fence Boss and its customers had to bear the brunt while we waited on the right materials or replacement for damaged materials to be sent. In short, it was one of the craziest seasons the owner had witnessed in 10 years. We thought the historic flooding that wrecked the spring/summer season of 2019 was bad, but 2020 most certainly out did 2019! Most customers were agreeable and understood the situation was completely out of our control. For the few customers who decided frustration was the way to go, we provided the best service we could and counted our blessings that all of our employees kept their jobs and did their best.

One important lesson from the last season is that we can only do our best and when we fail we can only get back up and give it another try. We won’t get it right every time and when we don’t get it right, we make sure to go the extra mile to fix mishaps. We cannot fix lead times caused by the universe turning upside down. However, we can stay committed to exceptional quality installations and to making it right when thing go wrong. We will always choose a positive outlook and attitude because we believe that will carry our business forward and provide the most benefit to our employees.

So what does this all mean for companies at the ground level, like Fence Boss?

  • Longer lead times. Throughout 2020, Fence Boss customers had exponentially longer lead times than normal. Lead times are given on a consumer by product basis. Meaning, lead times differ per product and even product color and the lead times can change weekly. As we move forward into 2021, lead times are still long. However, suppliers have a positive outlook and think the lead times will get better as the season plays out.
  • Price increases on lumber. Lumber mills have increased prices as much as 200% since April, 2020. It is to the benefit of some customers to upgrade to a low maintenance, vinyl privacy fence in place of a new wood privacy fence, simply because the two products are now in the same price range. Fence Boss is hopeful the price of lumber will drop back down after the lumber shortages are resolved.
  • Increased demand for fencing. With consumers and children spending more time at home, there is an increased need for security and privacy. Fence Boss is happy to meet fencing needs and will do our best to communicate the difficulties to customers so that the disappointment caused by waiting is a little less painful.
  • The steel market is now volatile, steel was relatively stable in 2020 so chain link projects were one of the fastest installs available (and they were still slow because of everything listed above). Recent regulatory changes are driving the cost of steel up substantially in some cases. This means that chain link will most likely have supply and demand changes in 2021 and the steel market will experience price increases and shortages. We hope not and will continue to work with our suppliers and manufacturers to provide the best service we can.

Looking back on 2020 it is easy to focus on the stress caused by the pandemic. However, we feel it is important to focus on the positive at Fence Boss. We have had the opportunity of working with an abundance of patient, kind, and understanding Fence Boss customers and our employees are downright amazing, we love them and are very thankful we were able to keep everyone working. Our goal was to make it through the year without laying off any staff and we did it! We are proud of how we are overcame the difficult circumstances of 2020 and are ready to face the 2021 season with optimism and a determination to do better everyday.

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