Out with the Old; In with the New!

At Fence Boss we have Better. Best. BOSS employees! Our crew is not afraid to get down and dirty during fence removals and installs. We often have to prepare for a new installation by removing and hauling away existing fence systems.

Once the fence system is removed the new fence run is clearly marked and the crew pays special attention to the location of all underground utilities. For most installs Fence Boss uses a mini-skid steer to dig fence post holes because there is some truth to working smarter and not harder! Each Fence Boss post is set 2′-3′ deep and secured with concrete. Some companies dig small diameter holes and use shorter posts to avoid the labor involved in digging deeper. We don’t cheat specs. The stability of a fence system starts with a solid post set.

After post holes are dug to the appropriate depth, determined by material type and manufacturer specifications, it is time to set posts! Depending on the ground conditions the concrete needs to cure around fence posts for 24-48 hours. Appropriate hole depth, correct hole diameter, and the right amount of time for concrete to cure ensures fence posts will not shift during framing process or heave later on.

For wood and vinyl fence systems framing and installation of the fence pickets can often be completed within the same work day. During a wood fence installation the pickets are commonly installed two inches above the ground and follow the terrain. We stick build every wood and vinyl system because stick built systems out perform pre-assembled panel type systems and they look gorgeous in comparison.

Every Fence Boss project is a team effort! Fence Boss employees are trained to follow manufacturer and industry specs to ensure the BEST products are followed by BOSS installs. On site at each project the crew respectfully checks each others work to insure our service is BETTER and we are always evaluating our finished systems to keep our focus on improving installation and training processes. We finish every project with a BOSS overview and cleanup of the project area.

Our focus will always be BETTER.BEST.BOSS so that we can get it right every time and doing everything possible to make corrections when we fall short.

Fence Boss is scheduling spring and summer 2021 fence projects! Contact us for a free quote. https://www.fencebossllc.com/contact-us/

Photo Credits- Warrie Dennis Media Services, LLC

Fence Industry Facing Effects of Covid-19

Covid-19 left its footprint on 2020 and Fence Boss is eager to step into the new year. Updating Fence Boss customers on the current state of the fence industry is of upmost importance to us. The effects of Covid-19 on the fence industry were substantial and will last into the 2021 season.

When the first Covid-19 shutdown occurred in early 2020 most product shipments stopped because manufacturing plants shut down. Raw materials shortages occurred quickly as breaks in the supply chain started happening and consumers cooped up at home set out to tackle home improvement projects. Lumber, aluminum, vinyl and wood inventories were wiped out in the frenzy to make good use of time spent at home. During the shutdown companies like Fence Boss were still ordering and selling, so when manufacturing plants reopened they had masses of product orders, little inventory and a lot of restrictions regarding workers and production. Combined with raw materials shortages it was too much for the plants to keep up with and fence customers were faced with lead times of up to 12 weeks for some vinyl and products and 5-6 weeks for aluminum. Lumber prices increased 200% in just a few short months, lumber mills were wiped out. Vinyl prices increased as the demand went up for vinyl fence because for the first time ever the gap between the cost of a wood system and vinyl system had closed substantially.

Like other companies forced to pivot in a difficult circumstance, Fence Boss enacted policies to decrease the negative impact on the company to make sure all employees kept their jobs at the same time we aimed to continue providing the best service possible. Scheduling was nothing short of a train wreck because shipments were 100% unpredictable. Many times we were promised the same shipments for countless weeks in a row and we were continually disappointed, along with our customers, when the shipments did not arrive as promised. Freight companies were overwhelmed. We scheduled in increments of 2-3 days at most, working with whatever product would arrive on the lot. We cut out almost all overtime (to the dismay of employees) to conserve cash flow and decreased spending wherever possible. It was a tough year for manufacturers and suppliers and the rate of mistakes on orders increased as overworked manufacturing and supply house employees did their best to provide service in a difficult market. When mistakes on orders were made, companies like Fence Boss and its customers had to bear the brunt while we waited on the right materials or replacement for damaged materials to be sent. In short, it was one of the craziest seasons the owner had witnessed in 10 years. We thought the historic flooding that wrecked the spring/summer season of 2019 was bad, but 2020 most certainly out did 2019! Most customers were agreeable and understood the situation was completely out of our control. For the few customers who decided frustration was the way to go, we provided the best service we could and counted our blessings that all of our employees kept their jobs and did their best.

One important lesson from the last season is that we can only do our best and when we fail we can only get back up and give it another try. We won’t get it right every time and when we don’t get it right, we make sure to go the extra mile to fix mishaps. We cannot fix lead times caused by the universe turning upside down. However, we can stay committed to exceptional quality installations and to making it right when thing go wrong. We will always choose a positive outlook and attitude because we believe that will carry our business forward and provide the most benefit to our employees.

So what does this all mean for companies at the ground level, like Fence Boss?

  • Longer lead times. Throughout 2020, Fence Boss customers had exponentially longer lead times than normal. Lead times are given on a consumer by product basis. Meaning, lead times differ per product and even product color and the lead times can change weekly. As we move forward into 2021, lead times are still long. However, suppliers have a positive outlook and think the lead times will get better as the season plays out.
  • Price increases on lumber. Lumber mills have increased prices as much as 200% since April, 2020. It is to the benefit of some customers to upgrade to a low maintenance, vinyl privacy fence in place of a new wood privacy fence, simply because the two products are now in the same price range. Fence Boss is hopeful the price of lumber will drop back down after the lumber shortages are resolved.
  • Increased demand for fencing. With consumers and children spending more time at home, there is an increased need for security and privacy. Fence Boss is happy to meet fencing needs and will do our best to communicate the difficulties to customers so that the disappointment caused by waiting is a little less painful.
  • The steel market is now volatile, steel was relatively stable in 2020 so chain link projects were one of the fastest installs available (and they were still slow because of everything listed above). Recent regulatory changes are driving the cost of steel up substantially in some cases. This means that chain link will most likely have supply and demand changes in 2021 and the steel market will experience price increases and shortages. We hope not and will continue to work with our suppliers and manufacturers to provide the best service we can.

Looking back on 2020 it is easy to focus on the stress caused by the pandemic. However, we feel it is important to focus on the positive at Fence Boss. We have had the opportunity of working with an abundance of patient, kind, and understanding Fence Boss customers and our employees are downright amazing, we love them and are very thankful we were able to keep everyone working. Our goal was to make it through the year without laying off any staff and we did it! We are proud of how we are overcame the difficult circumstances of 2020 and are ready to face the 2021 season with optimism and a determination to do better everyday.

It’s time to get on the Fence Boss job docket for projects in spring and summer of 2021! We provide free quotes for all residential and commercial projects. Contact Fence Boss about your next project: https://www.fencebossllc.com/contact-us/

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fencemas!

It’s the final countdown!! Less than 30 days until the month of Fencemas (aka December). If you are a long-term Fence Boss Friend, you may look forward to Fencemas every year. If you are a Fence Boss newbie, boy do we have fun in store for you!

What is Fencemas?

Fencemas is a Fence Boss celebration of the holiday season. It is a week packed with gifts, live videos, and Fencemas cheer! Hannah hosts daily live videos on Facebook opening surprise Fencemas gifts. She interacts and demonstrates the gift to live viewers (you), who have the opportunity to enter to win the gift as a giveaway.


Let’s go over the questions you might want to ask!

How do I watch Fencemas live videos?

  • Follow Fence Boss, LLC on Facebook to participate in Fencemas and watch live videos! You can even change your Facebook settings to notify you when Fence Boss is live. Don’t worry about missing a video because Hannah will give plenty of notice before she goes live. https://www.facebook.com/FenceBossColumbus

Is it difficult to enter for a Fencemas gift giveaway?

  • It is simple to enter Fencemas giveaways! Hannah will provide directions to enter verbally in the video and in the video caption. For example, the directions could be: comment tagging two friends, say your favorite holiday beverage, and share this live video! After following the steps, you would be entered to win.

Can I still enter for a Fencemas gift giveaway if I did not watch the Fencemas video live?

  • As long as you watch the video and participate in the steps within 24 hours of the live video you will still be entered to win. The majority of our Fence Boss Friends who participate in Fencemas watch the live videos when Hannah is no longer live!

How do I know if I won a Fencemas giveaway/how do I claim my gift?

  • Hannah announces the giveaway winner from the previous day at the beginning of each live video. The winner will be contacted by Fence Boss immediately after the live video via Facebook Messenger. Winners within close proximity have the option to claim their gift at the Fence Boss office or ship their gift within the United States.Winners must claim their gifts within two weeks of the live giveaway announcement or their gift is forfeited.

What types of gifts can I win?

  • All past Fencemas live videos are available under the videos section on our Fence Boss, LLC Facebook page. Past giveaway items/brands include: Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, Bath & Body Works, Milwaukee Tools, Fence Boss apparel, cash, and gift cards!

Follow FenceBossColumbus on Facebook to join the Fencemas fun! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


A Better. Best. BOSS. Installation

Recently, Fence Boss installed a dual vinyl fence system for two neighboring families. A dual fence system is when two or more homeowners plan their fence installation and share one or multiple rows of fence. Shared fence runs is not an uncommon request. Shared fence runs allow for larger yard areas, reduce materials costs for customers and result in less maintenance because there is no mowing between your fence run and the neighbors.

After careful consideration, the recent homeowners chose Certainteed’s 4′ tall Bufftech, New Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence in white. The low maintenance, durable, and high quality product is aesthetically pleasing and accompanied by a solid limited lifetime warranty that includes parts and labor during the first five years.

Here’s where the Better, Best, Boss part of the experience comes in… the homeowners purchased their fence systems right before Covid-19 was announced as a pandemic. Fence Boss had to tell the homeowners that CertainTeed (Bufftech manufacturer) would have have shipping delays because of the Covid-19 shutdown. The homeowners were patient, kind and understood the delays could not be helped.

Following a wait that was longer than expected, the materials arrived and Fence Boss installed both systems and they look fantastic! (Pictured Below).

The homeowners were ecstatic about their new fence system and agreed Certainteed’s superior product was worth the wait.

Fence Boss strives to provide customers a Better, Best, BOSS experience. Although we have faced many challenges due to Covid-19, our installation crews have remained positive, hardworking, and they hustle everyday to exceed expectations when product finally arrives! The homeowners noted Fence Boss’s crews work ethic and drive to complete a BOSS install. They thanked the crew by sending an extra bonus for each crew member! Getting a cash bonus from customers is definitely not the norm (nor expected) but it was sincerely appreciated by each crew member and by Jami (Fence Boss Owner) who has been concerned with disappointing customers this season due to long lead times on fence products.

Fence Boss has truly been fortunate to experience working with the BEST customers during Covid-19. The logistics of operating a business during Covid-19 have been challenging to say the least. All overtime was cut completely and scheduling has been week by week because of delayed product shipment. The patience and understanding from our customers has been encouraging and uplifting for management and staff on days when frustrations are high.

We appreciate and sincerely THANK our 2020 customers for supporting our business and helping ensure all employees kept their jobs and worked 40hrs a week. We look forward to 2021 and will continue to strive for a Better, Best, BOSS experience for everyone!

How To: Choose a Better. Best. BOSS. Fence System

A new fence system is an important investment for your property. Every investment should have a return. Choosing the best product, the right location and the best company to install the fence are three important considerations early on in the planning process. Defining the function, or purpose, of the fence system is a great place to start! Visit www.fencebossllc.com for ideas.  

Define the Need- Why do I want or need a fence?

Homeowners often invest in a new fence system for the purpose of keeping children and pets safe, we call that containment. Other times, a pool or other structure could pose a liability for a homeowner and a fence is needed to decrease the liability. We call that security. Whether fence is needed for containment or security privacy is often the first consideration. Privacy fence is security and containment combined and makes for a great investment at any property.  Decide which fence system is best for your property based on what you need the system to provide.

The most common types of residential fence systems are chain link, wood privacy or wood picket, steel or aluminum ornamental, and vinyl privacy and picket. Each product is available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. It is important to consider HOA guidelines when choosing a fence type. Fence Boss products meet HOA guidelines.

Choosing a Product- What fence system will work for me and my planned budget?

(Listed from the most to least economical)

Chain link is the most economical option when containment is the number one purpose. Most HOA’s only allow black polymer coated systems, so be sure to understand your requirements.

Wood systems meet security, containment, and privacy needs. Fence Boss wood systems are stick-built and available with treated or cedar pickets. Wood fence styles include, but are not limited to, standard privacy, board-on-board, shadow box, or they are built by design when you provide an image of the system you want.  Wood is always a solid choice when privacy matters as much as budget.  

Ornamental fence is available in steel or aluminum. Steel should be considered when large dogs or extra security is needed. Aluminum works for most residential applications and is the most common system required when an HOA is involved. Aluminum is offered in a diverse array of styles, colors, and textured finishes.

Vinyl fence is a perfect choice when low maintenance and privacy are the top priorities.  Vinyl technology has come a long way and vinyl fence is available in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, the choices are endless.

Location- Where should I put my fence?

Fence Boss does not determine where property lines are but we can offer resources to assist. Below are some tips and resources for evaluating where your property lines are situated.

  • The Local GIS is a great resource for digital viewing and measuring of property lines. You can do a Google search or use this link information: https://bartholomewin.elevatemaps.io
  • Google Maps allows property owners to view and measure property virtually, we have found that using both of the resources combined is the best way.
  • A metal detector can be used to locate the steel markers often buried at the lot corners. Not all properties will have the steel lot corner markers.
  • When in doubt, contact a local surveyor.

After a product selection has been made and the location has been determined choosing the right company to install your fence is the final choice.

Fence Boss always strives to create a Better. Best. BOSS. experience for every customer.

Who- Fence Boss.

Fence Boss works hard to deliver exceptional installations. The Better.Best.BOSS. principles matter from start to finish. 

BETTER- Fence Boss strives to provide better service and to communicate clearly with customers. Detailed quotes and manufacturer warranty information are always provided.

BEST- All Fence Boss products are accompanied by solid manufacturer warranties that are transferable one time. Local company warranties are great, but if they are not partnered with a manufacturer warranty they only last as long as the local company is in business. Insist on a product with a manufacturer warranty.

BOSS- Fence Boss does not sub out work, ever. Our employees are trained according to the manufacturer specifications for each product type so that we can guarantee your manufacturer warranty will not get voided due to improper installation. Employees take pride in their work and want every customer to be happy with their new fence system.

Visit http://www.fencebossllc.com to contact us for a free quote!