It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fencemas!

It’s the final countdown!! Less than 30 days until the month of Fencemas (aka December). If you are a long-term Fence Boss Friend, you may look forward to Fencemas every year. If you are a Fence Boss newbie, boy do we have fun in store for you!

What is Fencemas?

Fencemas is a Fence Boss celebration of the holiday season. It is a week packed with gifts, live videos, and Fencemas cheer! Hannah hosts daily live videos on Facebook opening surprise Fencemas gifts. She interacts and demonstrates the gift to live viewers (you), who have the opportunity to enter to win the gift as a giveaway.


Let’s go over the questions you might want to ask!

How do I watch Fencemas live videos?

  • Follow Fence Boss, LLC on Facebook to participate in Fencemas and watch live videos! You can even change your Facebook settings to notify you when Fence Boss is live. Don’t worry about missing a video because Hannah will give plenty of notice before she goes live.

Is it difficult to enter for a Fencemas gift giveaway?

  • It is simple to enter Fencemas giveaways! Hannah will provide directions to enter verbally in the video and in the video caption. For example, the directions could be: comment tagging two friends, say your favorite holiday beverage, and share this live video! After following the steps, you would be entered to win.

Can I still enter for a Fencemas gift giveaway if I did not watch the Fencemas video live?

  • As long as you watch the video and participate in the steps within 24 hours of the live video you will still be entered to win. The majority of our Fence Boss Friends who participate in Fencemas watch the live videos when Hannah is no longer live!

How do I know if I won a Fencemas giveaway/how do I claim my gift?

  • Hannah announces the giveaway winner from the previous day at the beginning of each live video. The winner will be contacted by Fence Boss immediately after the live video via Facebook Messenger. Winners within close proximity have the option to claim their gift at the Fence Boss office or ship their gift within the United States.Winners must claim their gifts within two weeks of the live giveaway announcement or their gift is forfeited.

What types of gifts can I win?

  • All past Fencemas live videos are available under the videos section on our Fence Boss, LLC Facebook page. Past giveaway items/brands include: Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, Bath & Body Works, Milwaukee Tools, Fence Boss apparel, cash, and gift cards!

Follow FenceBossColumbus on Facebook to join the Fencemas fun! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

A Better. Best. BOSS. Installation

Recently, Fence Boss installed a dual vinyl fence system for two neighboring families. A dual fence system is when two or more homeowners plan their fence installation and share one or multiple rows of fence. Shared fence runs is not an uncommon request. Shared fence runs allow for larger yard areas, reduce materials costs for customers and result in less maintenance because there is no mowing between your fence run and the neighbors.

After careful consideration, the recent homeowners chose Certainteed’s 4′ tall Bufftech, New Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence in white. The low maintenance, durable, and high quality product is aesthetically pleasing and accompanied by a solid limited lifetime warranty that includes parts and labor during the first five years.

Here’s where the Better, Best, Boss part of the experience comes in… the homeowners purchased their fence systems right before Covid-19 was announced as a pandemic. Fence Boss had to tell the homeowners that CertainTeed (Bufftech manufacturer) would have have shipping delays because of the Covid-19 shutdown. The homeowners were patient, kind and understood the delays could not be helped.

Following a wait that was longer than expected, the materials arrived and Fence Boss installed both systems and they look fantastic! (Pictured Below).

The homeowners were ecstatic about their new fence system and agreed Certainteed’s superior product was worth the wait.

Fence Boss strives to provide customers a Better, Best, BOSS experience. Although we have faced many challenges due to Covid-19, our installation crews have remained positive, hardworking, and they hustle everyday to exceed expectations when product finally arrives! The homeowners noted Fence Boss’s crews work ethic and drive to complete a BOSS install. They thanked the crew by sending an extra bonus for each crew member! Getting a cash bonus from customers is definitely not the norm (nor expected) but it was sincerely appreciated by each crew member and by Jami (Fence Boss Owner) who has been concerned with disappointing customers this season due to long lead times on fence products.

Fence Boss has truly been fortunate to experience working with the BEST customers during Covid-19. The logistics of operating a business during Covid-19 have been challenging to say the least. All overtime was cut completely and scheduling has been week by week because of delayed product shipment. The patience and understanding from our customers has been encouraging and uplifting for management and staff on days when frustrations are high.

We appreciate and sincerely THANK our 2020 customers for supporting our business and helping ensure all employees kept their jobs and worked 40hrs a week. We look forward to 2021 and will continue to strive for a Better, Best, BOSS experience for everyone!

How To: Choose a Better. Best. BOSS. Fence System

A new fence system is an important investment for your property. Every investment should have a return. Choosing the best product, the right location and the best company to install the fence are three important considerations early on in the planning process. Defining the function, or purpose, of the fence system is a great place to start! Visit for ideas.  

Define the Need- Why do I want or need a fence?

Homeowners often invest in a new fence system for the purpose of keeping children and pets safe, we call that containment. Other times, a pool or other structure could pose a liability for a homeowner and a fence is needed to decrease the liability. We call that security. Whether fence is needed for containment or security privacy is often the first consideration. Privacy fence is security and containment combined and makes for a great investment at any property.  Decide which fence system is best for your property based on what you need the system to provide.

The most common types of residential fence systems are chain link, wood privacy or wood picket, steel or aluminum ornamental, and vinyl privacy and picket. Each product is available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. It is important to consider HOA guidelines when choosing a fence type. Fence Boss products meet HOA guidelines.

Choosing a Product- What fence system will work for me and my planned budget?

(Listed from the most to least economical)

Chain link is the most economical option when containment is the number one purpose. Most HOA’s only allow black polymer coated systems, so be sure to understand your requirements.

Wood systems meet security, containment, and privacy needs. Fence Boss wood systems are stick-built and available with treated or cedar pickets. Wood fence styles include, but are not limited to, standard privacy, board-on-board, shadow box, or they are built by design when you provide an image of the system you want.  Wood is always a solid choice when privacy matters as much as budget.  

Ornamental fence is available in steel or aluminum. Steel should be considered when large dogs or extra security is needed. Aluminum works for most residential applications and is the most common system required when an HOA is involved. Aluminum is offered in a diverse array of styles, colors, and textured finishes.

Vinyl fence is a perfect choice when low maintenance and privacy are the top priorities.  Vinyl technology has come a long way and vinyl fence is available in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, the choices are endless.

Location- Where should I put my fence?

Fence Boss does not determine where property lines are but we can offer resources to assist. Below are some tips and resources for evaluating where your property lines are situated.

  • The Local GIS is a great resource for digital viewing and measuring of property lines. You can do a Google search or use this link information:
  • Google Maps allows property owners to view and measure property virtually, we have found that using both of the resources combined is the best way.
  • A metal detector can be used to locate the steel markers often buried at the lot corners. Not all properties will have the steel lot corner markers.
  • When in doubt, contact a local surveyor.

After a product selection has been made and the location has been determined choosing the right company to install your fence is the final choice.

Fence Boss always strives to create a Better. Best. BOSS. experience for every customer.

Who- Fence Boss.

Fence Boss works hard to deliver exceptional installations. The Better.Best.BOSS. principles matter from start to finish. 

BETTER- Fence Boss strives to provide better service and to communicate clearly with customers. Detailed quotes and manufacturer warranty information are always provided.

BEST- All Fence Boss products are accompanied by solid manufacturer warranties that are transferable one time. Local company warranties are great, but if they are not partnered with a manufacturer warranty they only last as long as the local company is in business. Insist on a product with a manufacturer warranty.

BOSS- Fence Boss does not sub out work, ever. Our employees are trained according to the manufacturer specifications for each product type so that we can guarantee your manufacturer warranty will not get voided due to improper installation. Employees take pride in their work and want every customer to be happy with their new fence system.

Visit to contact us for a free quote!

Residential Products Price Guide

One of the most common questions posed by homeowners and contractors is “How much does it cost?” A fence is a long term investment so it is a smart question to consider at the very beginning of project planning. We understand the importance of finding a product capable of meeting your project budget goals, containment needs and aesthetic design preferences.

Below is a numbered list of of the main types of residential fence products commonly selected by homeowners: Chain Link, wood, ornamental (a fancy word for steel or aluminum) and vinyl privacy. The products are numbered from the most economical at the top (chain link) and the list continues with each system type increasing as the list closes (vinyl privacy).

1. Chain Link

Chain link fence products offer an economical solution when containment is needed for pets and children. Many HOA’s will permit black polymer coated chain link. Chain link fence systems are available in galvanized finish (silver), black polymer coated, green polymer coated, or brown polymer coated. Polymer coating is commonly referred to as “vinyl chain link fence”. All chain link products are backed by a solid 15 year manufacturer warranty on the polymer coating. When containment and budget are the top two priorities and there are no HOA restrictions, chain link is a system to consider first.

2. Wood

Fence Boss wood systems offer semi or full privacy and are a popular choice among residential consumers. The options are limitless because we install custom designs, almost as often as we install standard shadow box and privacy designs. Pickets are available in treated and cedar and are a full 6″ wide. We do not purchase chain store lumber, we opt for a higher quality. All posts and runner boards are treated and cedar is available by request.

Although the price of lumber has increased over the last 2 years, a standard lumber privacy system is still number 2 on the budget tier. Every wood gate is fitted with a steel weld frame to aid against future sagging, frames are painted black to match gate hardware. All gate hinge posts are 4×6 or 6×6 and set 3′ deep. The increased gate post size will also aid against future gate sag.

3. Aluminum Ornamental

The demand for ornamental fence has increased exponentially with the rise of HOA’s. If you live in an area with a homeowners’ association our products will meet their requirements. Ornamental fence systems are available in aluminum and steel with aluminum meeting customer needs 99.9% of the time.

Aluminum systems offer more color and texture finish options. Fence Boss preferred product manufacturers offer a variety of colors, textures and styles. Designing the perfect ornamental system is what we are great at so be sure to ask how our systems can compliment the accents or other features of your home or business. Price does not change according to color or texture so be sure and ask the estimator to bring samples for you to consider.

Technology has changed significantly over the last 10 years and aluminum and steel products are now accompanied by a solid manufacturer warranty, most warranties are transferable one time in the event you sell your home. Aluminum ornamental fence is a great way to “land in the middle” where pricing is concerned if privacy is not a goal. Number 3 is the perfect spot for aluminum ornamental fence!

4. Vinyl Systems & Steel Ornamental

Steel ornamental and vinyl fence system products land in the number 4 spot on the list in regards to cost. However, considering the pros and cons of steel and vinyl can quickly mitigate some of the initial cost concerns. Privacy and security are more important than ever in a world where there is little privacy and security for pets and children. Both privacy and security are really important in growing housing communities and neighborhoods. We only offer vinyl and steel products that are accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty.

After nine years in the industry, Fence Boss Owner, Jami, has provided a list of items to consider before purchasing a vinyl or steel fence system.

  • Is your product warranty a company warranty or a manufacturer warranty? Because Fence Boss can offer a warranty all day long but if the company every ceases to exist, you have nothing. If there is a manufacturer warranty, are you provided a warranty packet with all relevant documentation after the install? Will the fence company process the warranty claim for you or do you have to call a 1-800 number? Does the company installing your fence offer a workmanship guarantee? Service on all levels should matter.
  • Does the manufacturer or company installing the fence require customers to ship fence to a plant for warranty inspections or do they send a representative to the site? READ THE FINE PRINT. All fine print can get scary long and it is all mostly general stuff we are used to seeing. But if you read carefully you might find a clause like the one mentioned.
  • Are installers trained according to manufacturer specifications or are they a general subcontractor or handyman type service? Because deviating from specifications will void a manufacturer warranty entirely. Chain store vinyl fence is a good example of why you should ask about training. They often use general subs or others who do not specialize in vinyl and steel fence installation.
  • If my fence is vinyl is the gloss super shiny? Think of what that means for looking at it in bright sunlight? We have seen some of them so shiny you can view reflections of surrounding objects on super sunny days. Avoid them. Bufftech smooth finish fence systems offer the perfect balance between UV protection and obnoxious shine.
  • If my gates are vinyl are all gate hinge posts reinforced with a metal post insert? Is the latch post reinforced, or is it offered as an option? Are the gate frames reinforced with metal framework inside to aid against gate sag and to make them capable of withstanding thousands of openings and closings? Is the gate hardware self closing, lockable and keyable? All of those features are part of a standard Fence Boss system manufactured by Bufftech.
  • If my fence is steel, is the warranty for a brief 15 yrs or LESS? Avoid it if it is. Ameristar Montage steel fence products offer a limited lifetime warranty and for the same kind of pricing on systems with a superior warranty. Make sure installers will seal any cut ends after installation so rust cannot start and so your warranty will not be voided for improper installation.
  • When considering the cost increase for vinyl privacy or steel consider pros and cons such as cost, maintenance, warranty transfer-ability and the longevity and durability of a fence system and the company manufacturing the product. Not everyone is keen on spending hours outdoors power washing both sides of a fence and preparing it for water sealing.

So, while vinyl and steel fence may land at the top of the list when considering price the pros can easily out weigh the cons and the return on the investment is smart to consider.

It is important to remember, every project is different. The number of gates and different terrain types can change overall pricing, even when dealing with the same amount of linear footage. This guideline is based off of materials costs and does not include projects that may include special circumstances, such as custom fabrications and core drilling. We do not price fence by the foot, we price by the project. Pricing by the project is more time consuming but it allows Fence Boss to be more competitive.

Reach out to Fence Boss with questions or inquires about your potential residential or commercial security and containment project.

Fence Boss & Social Media

Let’s talk social media advertising! After numerous social media page questions from other company owners and customers, I decided to share the basics of our approach to social media marketing. Please note, this post is a review of what has worked for Fence Boss and not a how-to guide promising huge results. Rather, it is a peek into how we launched a business by establishing a brand on social media, initially, and more specifically, on Facebook.

With a specific target market, consistent interaction and a creative marketing strategy, we sold more than $60,000 of fence and gate products in our first 90 days of advertising Fence Boss on social media! Friends, I only marketed Facebook during the initial 90 day period. Fence Boss had not even tapped into Instagram, YouTube, or SEO research (which is whole beast in itself). Below are the main strategies we followed to build Fence Boss on Facebook.

Fence Boss Marketing Strategy- Reaching Sales Goals


I designed and created our Fence Boss Facebook page. I was loud! I clicked that invite button! I wanted EVERYONE to know Fence Boss had arrived and I was focused on keeping our products, our “Better. Best. BOSS.” message, and Fence Boss values front and center of our page.

Side Note *When choosing a profile picture, I decided to use a photo of myself in our showroom with product displayed in the background, rather than a product or brand photo. Research shows people who have a face as their profile picture, actually receive more interaction and feedback from their followers.


I launched multiple giveaways! Whenever I launch a giveaway, I use it as opportunity to really communicate with my followers (or Fence Boss Friends). I GO LIVE a minimum of two occasions per giveaway, and save my live videos for watchers to view later. I ALWAYS announce giveaway winners live. I usually launch giveaways with a video (made with IMovie). My three rules to enter always include:

  1. Comment below tagging two friends and saying you’re favorite… (animal, childhood memory, Starbucks drink, etc. )
  2. Share & React to this video!
  3. Like our Fence Boss Facebook page!
Click to watch the Fence Boss 2020 Valentine Giveaway Video! *This giveaway is a closed contest.


I posted everyday!! Multiple times a day!! (gasp) Yes, I am that person. Double posting is okay. I’m going to let you in on a little secret… boost, boost, boost, posts! Pick your favorite posts and pay to have them show up on peoples’ feeds. You can reach hundreds to thousands of people with a relatively small budget! When I say small budget, I will boost for as little as $20. Every time I boost a product post, Fence Boss gains followers, usually between 100-200. If I boost a giveaway post I expect to gain between 200-600 followers.

I created a target market! Before boosting a post, I decided who I wanted to target. Important factors when choosing a target include age, location, etc. A target market uses demographics to help Facebook decide who to show your boosted posts to.


I was consistent with my strategy! I posted everyday two to three times day. If I said I was going to Go Live at lunchtime, I went live at lunchtime. I asked for feedback and opinion of followers by conducting polls. Asking questions like “Which Product Color Do You Like Better?”, “What Time Are You Most Likely To Watch A Live Video?”, “Would You Rather Watch A Live Video Or A Story Video?”. I encouraged interaction from followers by commenting back and taking true interest in their thoughts!

Fencemas Gifts

One of my favorite ways to show consistency is by creating an event, game, drawing, etc. specific to your brand, which could occur once a week, month, or even once a year. For example, Fence Boss hosts Fencemas annually! Fencemas is a week long tradition, occurring during early December, centered around unwrapping presents on Live Video and then giving away the gift to followers.

I could go on and on about creating your brand on social media, and I will! But for now, Tim Ferris said it best.

“Let’s focus on being productive, instead of being busy. ”

Tim Ferris

-Hannah, Fence Boss LLC