It’s Back!

CertainTeed’s Bufftech CertaGrain fence is back! After a pause due to manufacturing, the popular wood grain etched vinyl fence is back on the line.

What’s the CertaGrain advantage?

  • Virtually maintenance free, never needs staining or painting!
  • The most authentic wood look available today, available in 11 rich colors. Ask about Bufftech’s Color Last Fade Protection!
  • The heavy weight pickets provide impact resistance, reduce movement and provide a sound barrier.

Check Out a Few of Our Fence Boss CertaGrain Projects!

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Automated Ranch Style Gate Installation

Fence Boss installs and provides a broad range of security and containment products, so we are always excited at the opportunity to complete a custom build project.

We were contacted by customers who envisioned an automated ranch style gate. Our estimators helped design and find products to complete their vision! After consideration, a Digger Specialties aluminum powder coated cross buck style gate was chosen to be installed on 10×10 Timbers with beveled ends adjacent to the main support beams. The gate was to be powered by a Lift Master residential gate operator.

Check out the details of the gate install!

Curious to see how the gate operates? Watch until the end!

A special thanks to the Fence Boss customers who patiently waited for their gate installation. The custom design required products from three separate Fence Boss suppliers. We aim to meet Better. Best. BOSS. standards with every installation.

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Fence Boss Custom Wood Fence Systems

Click through and enjoy a gallery of a few of our favorite customized, stick-built wood fence projects!

Fence Boss Treated Wood Privacy-Post Master System

Fence Boss’s treated wood privacy fence is a popular choice among consumers. This homeowner customized their fence with a Post Master fence post system. The Post Master system adds a level of durability and strength to any wood fence system. The steel black gate posts and hardware present great curbside appeal!

Fence Boss Treated Wood Horizontal Fence System

Homeowners who prefer a blend of classic and contemporary may choose a Fence Boss horizontal wood fence system!

Fence Boss Cedar Framed Wood Fence System

The rich, amber hue of a cedar fence system is often appealing to consumers! What sets this Fence Boss wood system apart is the custom framing.

Fence Boss Shadow Box Wood Fence System

Shadow box is considered a semi-private fence system. Popular among HOA’s, shadow box never trends out of style!

Fence Boss collaborates with consumers to design and build Better. Best. BOSS. customized wood fence projects. Free quotes

Time-Lapse Vinyl Fence Installation!

Video Credits- Luke Hampton

Check out this time-lapse created by Fence Boss customer Luke Hampton! The product featured is CertainTeed’s Bufftech Vinyl Privacy Fence.

Fence Boss Installation Time Lapse- 6′ White Vinyl Bufftech Fence

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Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Better. Best. BOSS. Fence Company

Before choosing a fence company for your next security and containment project here are some considerations.

1 Insurance and Regulations

A reliable fence company should be able to provide the customer with a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) if requested. The COI should minimally include Workers Compensation, General Liability, and Business Auto insurance policies. These insurance policies prevent the homeowner from liability if a safety incident occurs on the job site. Small contractors who can “undercut” competitor pricing often do not carry insurance policies to protect their consumers.

2 Product and Workmanship Warranties

Like other construction companies offering materials and labor services, fence companies work with and maintain relationships with suppliers to offer consumers the best products. The best fence products should be matched by the best warranties in the fence industry. It is expected for well-made vinyl and ornamental products to have limited lifetime warranties. Chain link products may have warranties on the coating up to 15 years. Wood products are generally not warranted as they are organic and may weather. However, wood fence systems are standardly covered by a workmanship warranty. Any fence company worth choosing will be knowledgeable and forthright about the products and warranties they offer.

3 Install Specs

An uncommonly known fact about the fence industry is, fence products are made to be built by certain specifications. An uneducated fence company could unintentionally void a consumers brand new fence warranty by not installing the fence to proper specifications. If a fence company maintains a relationship with the suppliers of their fence product, the suppliers will often provide training sessions for fence installers. In these training sessions, fence installers learn how to install and become certified in installing fence products to specification.

4 Reviews

A fence company with experience should have a plethora of reviews for the customer to read on google. A great company often has a positive name and involvement in their community. Your neighbor’s may be able to tell you who installed their fence! Ask them about their experience.