Meet Hannah

Hello there! Hannah here. I’m a 22 year old wife, college student, dog mom, creative, and Office Manager of a fence company, owned by a woman (Jami)! Yep! You read that right, I said fence. When I tell people I manage a fence company too often an eye brow raises and the “did you say fence?” question immediately follows. I can’t lie, you absolutely will not find me with a shovel in my hand and dirt on my jeans (yes I get to wear jeans to work).

More often, I am found furiously typing away in my office, filming a live video, or shopping for a giveaway! My Fence Boss goal is to light a creative spark and bring a personal touch to the very male dominated construction industry! Yes..I do standard Office Manager duties, pay bills, manage employees, file one million receipts (truly). But I find the most fulfillment in chatting with over 3,000 of my favorite Fence Boss friends on social media!

What will I blog about? I hope to share and inspire. I will share stories of our Fence Boss projects, Fence Boss customer experiences, and work life as a BOSS woman in a male dominated industry. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve in regards to social media growth. I hope with new connections and learning through my Fence Boss work experience I can inspire you to hustle and develop a Better. Best. BOSS. attitude in all you do!

Thanks for joining me! Talk to you soon!