Toys For Tots 2022!

This holiday season Fence Boss has partnered with Toys For Tots. The Marine Toys For Tots program has distributed over 627 million toys to 281 million children! Through unwrapped toy and monetary donations we can help millions of children share in the magic of the holidays. Why Toys For Tots? Toys For Tots has aContinue reading “Toys For Tots 2022!”

Let’s Talk Questions.

We have composed a list of common questions we are asked pertaining to fence and gate projects! Check it out! Do I need a permit for my new fence? If your residential fence is to be installed in Bartholomew county you do not need a permit! Most counties do not require a permit for fenceContinue reading “Let’s Talk Questions.”

Tips for Saving!

Let’s talk cost! We think most would agree, discussing budget is the least exciting aspect of any new home project. We want to share a few best kept tips for saving on your fence system! Tip #1 Ask the Neighbors! The simplest way to reduce cost is to eliminate footage. Often times neighbors will planContinue reading “Tips for Saving!”